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Lincolnshire Security Ltd offer Keyholding Services to reduce the burden placed on staff  


Keyholding is an enormous responsibility to place on your staff as they have to be available 24 / 7. Keyholding duties not only interrupt valuable family time and restrict an employee’s free time, but it can have more serious consequences. Unpleasant and disruptive late night call-outs, along with the uncertainty of what will be encountered, and the possibility of being placed in a high risk situation, all cause stress and anxiety to staff and family alike.


By using Lincolnshire Securiy Ltds Keyholding Services, you can release your staff from these duties. We offer total peace of mind, providing hassle-free, dedicated keyholding and alarm response services. Peace of mind for your staff and complete protection for your business premises.


Keyholding Regulations


The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines and revised health and safety responsibilities are now forcing companies to re-evaluate their keyholding arrangements. These new regulations make it more difficult for employers to expect staff to attend high risk call-outs. A ‘Duty of Care’ places stringent requirements upon the employer to protect your employees.


The ACPO guidelines for Police attendance at alarm activations, reduces allowable false alarms to just two over a rolling 12-month period. After this, Police response is withdrawn and only reinstated when a secondary verification system has been installed. Companies must have two keyholders who can reach the premises within 20 minutes. A tall order for many businesses. Lincolnshire Security Ltd can take this burden from you. Our patrol staff will react immediately to call-outs, protecting your business and staff from the unknown.


Multi-site Keyholding Made Easy


Would you like a simple way to ensure the very best protection for your sites, with the minimum hassle for yourself? Our simple solution to your complex problem means no more phoning around companies on our area to secure each of your sites. Lincolnshire Security Ltd is a single point of contact for all your keyholding needs.


Summary Reporting and Evaluation


We operate a standard reporting format, Incident Report Sheet (IRS) and Key Performance Indicators, which are provided for those clients wishing to analyse alarm activations monthly, quarterly or annually. This regular reporting and statistical information enables decision making in training activity, and preventative action to reduce costs and maintain Police response.


How does our service work?

The Key holding and Alarm Response Service is carried out in accordance to British Standard 7984 2001. We are a Security Industry Authority (SIA) "Approved Contractor" and our performance is closely monitoring. All staff are fully licensed by the SIA.


The keys for customer's premises are held in secure safes within the Mobile Patrol vehicles which operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How long will it take us to get to the premises?


When an alarm call is received our control centre will task a duty Patrolman to attend the property. The response time will depend on the Patrolman's location and his current job but generally we will arrive within 20 minutes. Our Key Performance Indicators show we constantly have some of the best response times in the country.


How long will we remain on the premises?


The call out cost allows for us to attend for up to 60 minutes. If we are required to stay longer this is normally possible but is chargeable. However, the service is obviously shared, and if there are a number of calls at the same time we have to go to the next call as soon as practicably possible.

In the unfortunate event of a genuine break-in our Mobile Officer will remain on site until either a key Holder or by requests of the customer the site is made secure by us

If we cannot get a response from a keyholder and there is another urgent call waiting we will supply an officer to stay onsite until morning when a member of staff attends.

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